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Join Our Affiliate Team.


BizPower360 offers a dynamic opportunity through our generous affiliate program. With our robust collection of services geared toward businesses of all sizes, becoming a BizPower360 Business Services Consultant gives you the chance to run your own independent business, while helping companies with some of their most pressing needs.

Why Join?

Referral Commissions

BP3 makes it easy to earn. You receive your affiliate referral websites that offer your clients the opportunity to learn about their services and products. BP3 handles the sales process. When your client purchases a product or service, you get credit and earn commissions.

Residual Commissions

Some of the BP3 products pay you residual commissions. This means once a client is acquired, you can continue to earn month after month. You could begin building an income that lasts for years to come.

One Time Sign-Up Fee*

Unlike some programs, BP3 does not charge you year after year to be an affiliate. We have a one-time fee of $129.95*, which covers some of the costs to maintain your affiliate sites. You are never required to buy any products to make commissions.

Team Commissions

BP3 is not a network marketing, or MLM plan. You are never required to purchase any products to earn commission. However, we do allow you to build a team and earn commission off of their referral sales too! This is another one of the exciting and unique advantages of being a BP3 affiliate!

*The one-time sign up fee is charged at enrollment and will not be charged again if you meet minimum sales requirements. If you do not meet the minimum sales requirement of having at least one active residual sales commission, your account will be suspended after one year. You may reinstate your account by paying the reinstatement fee of $129.95. If at the end of any one year anniversary you do not have any active residual sales commissions, your account will be suspended. You may reactivate your account by paying the reinstatement fee. Affiliate program terms, fees and conditions are subject to change. Review the Affiliate Program Guide and Agreement for more information.

Get the Details on the BizPower360 Affiliate Program

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