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Affiliate Program


How it Works

Let's Dive In

The BizPower360 Affiliate Program is designed to allow you to make the most of your efforts and connections, and reward you in many ways. By leveraging the services we offer, you have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with your customers, and gain their business for years to come. We don't just pay you once. Our program is designed to pay you residuals month after month as long as your client remains with us. And once your client starts, you get paid.

The Flow

Refer a client through your BizPower360 Affiliate Link

Client Schedules an Appointment

Track the Progress

Get Paid for Your Activity Plus Up to Two Levels

Each Affiliate (Business Services Consultant) is assigned a BizPower360 Affiliate link. When a client's information is entered through this link, the client is automatically assigned to you so that as they go through the sales process, you will be credited as the affiliate partner.

When your client referral schedules an appointment, they will meet with one of our specialists. At this point, your job as our affiliate partner is minimal. We will follow up and process the entire sale, then onboard the client. Your relationship with the client is in good hands. If you want to stay in touch with your client, that is always fine, but we have a team dedicated to taking your client through the entire process, from start to finish.

We are dedicated to making the process simple and transparent. Once your client schedules an appointment, you will be able to follow the progress inside of your own personal BizPower360 back office.

You will receive commissions on the 15th of the month following the month that we receive payment from your client. In most cases, you will be paid a residual income for referring your client. This means that as long as your client remains with us, you will receive a monthly deposit directly in your bank account.

Pay Structures

Each product that BizPower360 offers gives you the opportunity to capitalize on its monthly residual payments. Below is a brief overview broken down by product. For the detailed compensation plan, please click on the link at the bottom for the Affiliate Program Guide and Agreement.


Brief Compensation Overview


As the exclusive reseller of OptimumNG, BizPower360 offers the opportunity to our Affiliate Business Solutions Consultants (BSC's) to earn commissions of 5% of the *Net Monthly Seat Fee (NMSF) for any business they refer that contracts with OptimumNG. Additionally, BSC's earn 2% of their level 1 team NMSF's and 1% of their level 2 team NMSF's.



Payroll Tax Shield

Brief Compensation Overview

With Payroll Tax Shield, BSC's earn $5.00 per employee enrolled per month for any company they personally refer. Additionally, BSC's earn $2.00 per employee enrolled per month for any businesses referred by their level 1 team members, and $1.00 per employee enrolled per month for any business referred by their level 2 team.

Outsource Buzz

Brief Compensation Overview

Outsource Buzz gives companies the opportunity to generate brand new highly qualified leads right to their website and calls straight to their office. BSC's earn 5% of the **Net Monthly Revenue (NMR) for any businesses they refer, 2% of NMR for any businesses referred by their level 1 team, and 1% of NMR for any business referred by their level 2 team.


**Net Monthly Seat Fee (NMSF) is the total monthly seat fee minus any applicable taxes.

**Net Monthly Revenue (NMR) is the total monthly revenue minus any applicable taxes.

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